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Where to start

Having trouble figuring out what’s next now that you know you want a web site?

Here’s a little guide to navigate content development.

  • Do I have a logo, card, brochure, or other print materials to use for the site?
  • How many pages do I need to sell my services/products?
  • Are the services you offer or the interactivity on the website such that you need a disclaimer and/or privacy policy?

Write a brief overview of your company. Depending on what you are “selling,” this can be used for your Home or About page.

Services and/or Products pages aren’t as tough to fill up with relevant content as you might imagine. Start with a bulleted list. Depending on categories, you may find you have more than enough content for that page and need to add individual pages for sub-categories and or products.

Typical Pages to Include

  • Home
  • Contact
  • About Us
  • Site Map
  • Location

Everyone needs a Contact page of some sort. Did you want to add some call of action? How do your clients or customers like to contact you? Are you including a form? Will you have a separate page for your location or should Google Maps be embedded here?

About Us is just that. Start with any relevant point about your company, like your new location or how many years in that location, recent or steady growth, your background and why you now do what you do… the possibilities are endless. How do you want to present yourself to existing and potential customers?

Check back for a new installment soon.


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