Website design
Most of the sites I’ve created are brochure or boutique websites showcasing the services and/or products of my clients. Cost can vary depending on how many page templates are needed (home, main nav, sub-nav layouts), how many pages, functionality, if you have text and images to provide, how that content is available, etc. I can work with you to design a site that fits your needs and stays to a budget you are comfortable with.

Website maintenance/updates
I charge an hourly rate of $40-$50 for website maintenance and updates. I typically work in Dreamweaver, TextEdit, and WordPress, and have used a variety of online content management tools for over 10 years, and enjoy seeing what other web designers and developers did to create a site. Typical maintenance for a site might be updating bad links, changing the operating hours on Google Locations, or switching out an old image for new one. Updates might be adding a new page to the site, a new product line or service you’ve added… anything relevant you can think to add to your site, do it.

Website search engine optimization
Wow, that’s a mouthful. But all it means is that your site can be found and indexed easily by search engines without having to get into any paid web advertising. A well optimized site consists of a large number of variables, such as page content, domain and file names, meta and alt tags, knowledge of customer/industry search terms, and a bunch more stuff but I think I’d lose you, resulting in your site showing up on the first page of search results for terms relevant to your site. This is best done at the outset of creating a site to ensure the right search terms or keywords are used in the content, but can be done either way.

Print copy for advertising, marketing, forms, & in-house documents
Bright and sassy, or clean and dignified. Whatever you need your print copy to say about you and your business is conveyed as much by what it says as how it says it. Marketing materials, business cards, posters, playbills, bookmarks, DVD labels, medical forms, quarterly reports, and contracts are just some of the items requested by my clients.

Blog posting/content management training
Basically you will need access to a site where there is a blog or content management system already accessible. If your site was built using a content management system, WordPress or Drupal, than you have access. Or part of the training can be setting you up for your own WordPress website or blog. Give me a call and we talk about what it is you’d like to accomplish.